Mythbuster: Do carrots really help you see in the dark?

October 2015, It’s long been said that carrots help you to see in the dark, but it has become synonymous with encouraging children to eat their vegetables in the hope that they will gain the power that is night vision! Like all ‘old wives’ tales’ and myths, there’s often some truth in the phrase, so … Continue reading Mythbuster: Do carrots really help you see in the dark?


Book review: Can Science Fix Climate Change?

April 2015, Hulme effectively establishes the debate surrounding the issue of tackling climate change in his book Can Science Fix Climate Change? and explores the emerging technology that is set to resolve it. Continue reading via the Royal Society of Biology blog.

Improving life with cystic fibrosis

February 2015, Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-shortening condition that cannot be developed or caught as those who have it inherit a faulty gene. Around one in 25 people in the UK carry the faulty gene and as the condition is recessive, if both parents have this gene there is a 25% chance that their … Continue reading Improving life with cystic fibrosis